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TMD muscles of the face

Our Mission:


At MYOLAVITA LLC, we believe that your mouth is a window into your body.

That's why we're dedicated to helping our clients restore balance in the orofacial system, which may impact growth, development, breathing, and swallowing patterns. By collaborating with airway focused providers, we are able to get to the root cause of problems in order to identify appropriate solutions.​

We help correct improper oral habits that can negatively impact our facial muscles over time. Incorrect or poor habits are often learned at a very early age and carried into adulthood.  Some of those bad habits include but are not limited to biting your fingernails, thumb sucking,clenching your jaw, or even poor posture.


"Unless recognized and changed, our habits will continue throughout life."

How it works

Chat with your Therapist

Messaging with your provider in the web app, and HIPAA compliant video sessions. 

Simple Therapy Program

 Personalized client based 6-8 months program, with customized pdf instructions with simple exercises Easy to follow. 45-minute Sessions. 

Book a Session

Easy online booking of same-week /next-day appointments.

How it Works

Client Stories

Since being diagnosed with TMD, I have struggled with pain and headaches for the past 15 years. I have tried everything out there from different devices to Botox. My doctor recommended Myofucntional therapy with Vita to balance my facial muscles. Since doing the therapy I noticed a big difference and my pain has subsided. Vita is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients. She will help you and guide you to a pain-free life.


Meet Vita

Vita Zhylyak, RDH, OMT

Vita Zhylyak RDH, OMT, founder of MYOLAVITA LLC is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist. Her deep passion for dentistry and health started at an early age when she faced difficulty with sleeping and TMJ pain. Her personal experience led her to research in depth the best practices to better help her patient's health and life quality.

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