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Meet Vita



Vita Zhylyak RDH, OMT founder of MYOLAVITA LLC is a Registered Dental Hygienist-turned Myofunctional Therapist. Hygiene has been her passion for the past 11 years. My deep passion for Dentistry and Health started when I was little. Due to my personal struggles with: 

  •  "Smallmouth”.

  • congenitally missing teeth.

  • orthodontics with premolar extractions for 5 years

  • UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome) and daytime fatigue

  • ADHD.

  • Speech Therapy for 10 years

  • severe TMJ pain for many years, that no dental device or medicine could help.

   After graduating from hygiene school and realizing that all my patients were struggling to live to their full potential due to their medical conditions or chronic pain and no medicine would help them, I was on the quest to find the root cause of their medical problems. Taking course after course, working with many specialized Dentists, Holistic Doctors, and Naturopaths, and meeting many other health care professionals and not taking "it's just your own body attacking itself or it's just in your mind" as an answer. Deep down I knew there was an answer to all these problems I and everyone else around me was suffering from.

   Then I discovered Airway Dentistry and Myofunctional Therapy, which changed my whole life! Better breathing (no more hyperventilation or anxiety attacks); improved my sleep and finally helped me with my TMJ pain and migraines from it that I would get weekly.

 Airway Dentistry with Myofunctional therapy was a missing link for me and my patients to get better and live pain-free lives.

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