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Recommended Products for Sleep/Nasal and Sinus Congestion.

Here are some Airway Health products I've used to improve nasal breathing and increase sleep quality.

REMplenish Water Bottle Kit, and/or Straw Kit:

Drinking from REMplenish provides targeted resistance to the muscles in your mouth and throat, helping to exercise your airway and keep it healthier. A healthy airway can lead to better breathing, reduced snoring & better sleep, and more energy during the day.

Other products on Amazon:

Lip Tapes:

Somnifix Lip Tape:

Lip Tape for Kids:

Mute Nasal Dilator, Get Variety pack first to find your perfect size. I also exercise with them:

Nasal Strips:

I love Netistik. It is always with me:

Nasal Hygiene Products:

Nasal Spray: Shake the bottle prior use.

Xlear are great natural products to use.

Nasal Gel for dry Nose.

Another great Nasal Oil for Dry Nose,

Flying, Nasal Irritations.

Products for Sinus Irrigation and Drainage:

Amazing product/doesn't dry or irritates your sinus passages.

Sinus Irrigation System:

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