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How is MYOLAVITA: TMJ program different from other Myoufunctional Therapy programs:

We see each other every 2 weeks, the program lasts about 6-8 months which is approximately 14-16 sessions, to make the muscles change and create better habits by retraining your brain. 

You get personalized PDF Instructions with Exercises Guide and more.

We Advocate on your behalf, helping you find and collaborate with Airway/Sleep Medicine/Holistic/Homeopathic/Postural Restorative PT and Dental trained providers as close to you as possible. We will guide you to the best Practitioners, who are as passionate as us to get you the help you need.(We only refer to the BEST ones)

Each session is about 45 minutes. (Sometimes 1 hour, depends on your needs. Each client is scheduled for an hour in my schedule).

Your commitment is 20-30 mins a day. 

You get 2-3 Passive exercises that you can do on the go & active exercises that you will need a mirror & Myo tools. (Our Myo bag is full of goodies that will help you Succeed in our program. Our clients get Remplanish Myo Straw and if they have Breathing Issues they get special Breathing tools)

After the program you get on the Maintenance Care Program(included with the fee), where I check in on you one month after finishing therapy, then 3 months, then 6 months and then 1 year to make sure that muscles are still working properly. (All 45 min Live ZOOM sessions.)

Since I always continue learning and traveling for courses. If I learn something that I feel will benefit your case, I will share that information with you free of charge. 

If any of your family or friends worked with me before, they probably already told you, I go way and beyond in helping all of my clients Succeed. If you will be committed to your program as much as I am, I Guarantee you will see Remarkable Results. 


We offer payment plans and accept HSA/FSA

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