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Interested in learning more? Have a question?

Contact us Today for a 20-min virtual consult via phone or Video Link:$25

What information will I get from a Consultation?

  • The 20-Minute Consultation is completed over the phone or Video Link and is meant to answer any general questions you may have regarding Myofunctional Therapy. It helps you to decide if taking the next step of a Comprehensive Exam makes sense and allows us to chat to ensure that I’m a good fit for you. If I feel that I am not a good fit for you as of now, I will try my best to find the right provider or providers for you to help you with your needs. My personal struggle with facial & neck pain(read my story), made it my purpose to help others find answers. That is why I am 100% committed to helping anyone I can. 

***The consultation is not required prior to a comprehensive myofunctional assessment visit!

Why is it important to have a Comprehensive Exam completed?   $175

    An in depth 90 minute evaluation of orofacial dysfunction, reviewed health history, compensations, functionality. It is an imperative part of the therapy. It helps you connect the dots to fully understand how your myofunctional disorders and your symptoms are all connected, as well as helps me to customize the best therapy plan for you to achieve success!+ Written report to take for your provider.

***if you schedule Comprehensive Exam and don't show up, there is 50$ no show fee. Please be courteous & respect our time.

Can I use my insurance or Health Saving Account Card (HSA) or Flex Spending Funds toward Myofunctional Therapy?

  • Absolutely, you are welcome to use your HSA card or Flex Spending for therapy;

  • However, We do not participate with any insurance plans. It is rarely that medical/dental insurance cover MYOtherapy. It may be frustrating that insurances don't cover the program, however, we do believe that Myofunctional Therapy is a great option for you or your child overall wellbeing and optimal function. That is why there are options to make it fit within your household budget.

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